My love for John Carpenters Halloween

Yesterday I laid down in bed and watched Halloween like I do almost every year in October. Every time I watch it I fall in love with the atmosphere.  Michael Myers is a cold blooded killer who’s motives are unknown. He could be anybody. He is a man behind a mask who moves like we move. We viewed scenes from his point of view giving us a unique relationship with the infamous killer.  It’s not to hard to believe that the budget was small but when you look at it compared to it’s box office it really is amazing. This was the feature debut for Jamie Lee Curtis one of our favorite scream queens and the ultimate final girl. My favorite film fact is that Myers mask is a Captain Kirk mask painted white, eyes cut larger and hair refashioned. Sadly we don’t know where any of the original masks are today, if they even still exist. Most of the actors wore there own clothes and Laurie’s wardrobe was bought for around $100 at J.C Pennies. Halloween isn’t the original slasher film but it did inspire several other films and was itself the beginning of a new era for horror that would include A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the Thirteenth. Unlike its predecessors Halloween has very little blood also unlike other John Carpenter films. So what is it that sticks out about Halloween for you? 

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