The Look of Love. (What makes some onscreen couples stand out) A bit of a ramble.

I have been more fond of romance as of late. Maybe its me trying to get into the holidays or maybe its my crush on the guy that resembles Sal Mineo. Who knows. I thought I should do a post about on screen couples and what makes certain romances stand out. After all how many films did Spencer Tracey and Kathrine Hepburn make together? Why has Casablanca stuck with us after so many years? The answer to the last question is an opinion. Why do you think it’s lasted so long? What do you think makes these couples part of the fabric of old Hollywood. Those moments when Lauren Bacall first looked at Humphrey Bogart. When the detective fell in love with Laura’s portrait in Laura. There have been many versions of love in film. Very rarely do we experience the unrequited. After all why would we want to see one of our greatest burdens played out in front of us. So what is it about romance and the genre in particular that sticks out to people. Some love the films and others hate them. Some ignore the romance angle in most of there favorite films (me). Is that what separates the romantic from the rest of the crowd. Do they believe what they see or do they wish for what they see. If we hate it are we skeptical or are we fearful. Film seems to give us what we want and what excites us. Who doesn’t want to here a man talk to them the way Humphrey Bogart said “Will always have Paris.”? or look at out pictures the way Laura and her portrait was admired. Maybe some of us are cynical and others are hopeful. Some of us are in between. But the film world gives us an escape and the movies give us the lover of our dreams. So what makes certain couples stick out? Maybe its because they are what we want, and what we want to be. 

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