The End (Five of my favorite film endings.)

As we all know the end of a film can make or break it. For an audience member there is not much more disappointing then enjoying a film only to have the end of the film ruin it. Maybe the film left too many lose ends or maybe the ending took a turn so unexpected it just didn’t fit. Whatever it is the end really is just as important as the beginning. I have composed a list of some of my favorite film endings.

  1. Some Like it Hot. 
  • One of my favorite films. Some Like it Hot gave us one of the most memorable and the funniest film endings of all time. Joe E Brown’s delivery of “Nobody’s perfect.” was for lack of a better word perfect. The look on Jack Lemmon’s face was priceless and it left you wanting more. Billy Wilder delivered again with this funny adventure full of laughs. 

     2. Strangers on a Train. 

  • Strangers on a Train is one of my favorite Hitchcock films and easily one of my favorite films of all time. Where it is on the list I can not be certain. Robert Walkers performance as Bruno the rich flamboyant sociopath is often overlooked these days but for me its easily one of the most memorable performances of all time. If you haven’t seen Strangers I suggest you do. Watching this film for the first time I never expected to feel for Bruno but I did and it was my sympathetic feelings towards him that made the ending that much more intense. The ending was very much like a wild ride of emotion and with the ending there is no doubt that Alfred Hitchcock  is indeed the master of suspense. 

      3. Casablanca 

  • Casablanca is a classic. No ifs and’s or buts about it. It’s been on top list’s for years rather its the movie itself, the relationship between Ilsa and Sam or the lines that have became ingrained in popular culture. Casablanca’s ending was unexpected. After all how could Humphrey Bogart not get the girl? The ending gave us a memorable line and a memorable scene. Two men, fog and “Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” 


  • When a lot of people think of Alfred Hitchcock there mind goes to Psycho. Norman Bates, the bates motel and the infamous shower scene. Shot in black and white Psycho has became the signature Hitchcock film even though at the time it was a gamble. Today it may not seem as much but in a when blood and murder where still off camera in most films Psycho gave us a women murdered in her shower. Today Norman Bates dressed as his mother is a image that clearly comes to mind but when it was first shown in theaters it was a shock. The ending no matter how many times I see it still gives me chills. Anthony Perkins as Norma Bates in mind and Norman in body sits in a chair at the mental hospital. Looking into the camera he or rather she says. “I wouldn’t hurt a fly.” and one the greatest movie endings of all time was made.

        5. It’s a Wonderful life. 

  • It’s getting closer to Christmas so I thought i would add a Holiday classic to the list. When It’s a Wonderful life was released it wasn’t the classic we know it as today. It was a commercial failure. For years it played on television through out the Christmas season cementing its legacy as a Holiday staple. With its heartwarming ending and message It’s a Wonderful life has inspired several other Christmas and Holiday films over the years.  


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