What’s your greatest guilty pleasure?

If you love something or even like something a little don’t feel guilty. Sometimes we just prefer to keep our love a secret. As a movie fan you should feel the need to always fall in love with the best of the best. It’s good to have films you just enjoy for no real reason other that you just do. I have never been that into Christmas. I get sick of it because the season seems to last forever but I still love Hallmark Christmas movies. Maybe it’s because my mom loves them and I have found something to share with her. I especially love the ones with my favorite TV actors from when I was a kid. Low budget horror films are also a favorite. Think Sleep Away Camp. The film is almost an inside joke in itself. I can’t watch it with out thinking of the first time I saw it with my friends. it’s almost a piece of my history with friends I love dearly. Lifetime movies of the week. What can I say. In some you will find horrendous acting and convoluted stories but for some reason i find them fun to watch. I don’t know what it is. So remember we all have the films we love in front of the world and the ones we love in secret but the number one rule is never feel guilty.

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