Saying Goodbye.

We have said goodbye to several Hollywood greats since my last post. Some graced TV screens as believed father figures and others became chameleon’s impressing us with their range. Peter O’Toole ( Aug 2, 1932-Dec 14, 2013) was an Irish born stage and screen actor best known for his leading role in Lawrence of Arabia. Joan Fontaine (Oct 22, 1917-Dec 15, 2013) was an actress and at the time of her death was one of the last living actresses of Hollywood’s golden age. The other being her estranged sister Olivia de Havilland. Known for her roles in two Alfred Hitchcock films Rebecca and Suspicion. Nominated for both, winning for Suspicion. She became the only actor to win an Academy Award for a Hitchcock film. Russell Johnson (Nov 10, 1924-Jan 16, 2014) was an American actor best known for his role as the Professor in Gillgan’s Island. Shirley Temple ( April 23, 1928- Feb 10, 2014) was an American actress and former child actress. Her adorable rosy cheeks and curly hair landed her a legion of fans the crossed several generations. Her dance numbers along side some of the best in the business continues to impress young audiences to this day.  Others who have passed away include television patriarch Ralph Waite best known for his work on The Waltons. Legendary comedian Sid Ceasar and celebrated actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman died at 46 of a heroin overdose. Known for his impeccable resume. Hoffman was never pigeon holed. He instead went on to portray several different characters of different backgrounds and personalities. Some have likened him to a modern day Spencer Tracey.

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