Robert Walker in Strangers on a Train.

Robert Walkers performance as Bruno Antony the rich, psychopathic mamas boy who dreams up and later commits what he sees as the perfect murder is one of my favorite film performances. His portrayal rendered me sympathetic for a character I might have cared very little for if it wasn’t for his personal touch. Every scene from beginning to end had me on the edge of my seat. Since my first watching to my more recent viewings, I still find myself enamored with each characteristic he portrays with such ease. It’s sad to think he didn’t live to see the success of the film and to hear the praise he received from audiences and critics alike. I can only hope that he felt confidence in his performance and that where ever he is he somehow knows that he gave the performance of his life

Favorite Scene: The party scene. We begin to see Bruno fall off the rails a bit.

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