Citizen Kane 1941

If you find yourself reading a top five, top ten or a top 100 film list, you will find Citizen Kane somewhere on that list. Usually at number one and more rarely it falls in second. Highly regarded as the best film of all time Citizen Kane was directed by and stared Orson Welles who was 25 years old at the time.  Welles friends Agnes Moorehead and Joseph Cotten appear in the film reuniting with him from their days on radio. At the time of the films release it caused a stir with news paper magnet William Randolph Hearst for the characters likeness to him. This was true, the life of Kane greatly resembled Hearst’s. However parts of the story greatly mirrored Welles own life in the death of Kane’s mother. Citizen Kane opened to critical acclaim but the box office told a different story. It was a bomb and there was no sign that it would one day be garnered with all of it’s praise. Consistently being crowned as the greatest film of all time.

Key Scene: As Kane and his wife grow more distant over the years. The table grows larger signifying the increasing distance in their relationship.

The Question: Rosebud?

Academy Award: Original Screen Play.

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