Some Like It Hot

Today we have more than a hand full of cross dressing movies. Tootsie, Victor Victoria and Just one of the Guys to name a few. In the fifties however Some like it Hot broke new ground having Lemmon and Curtis dress up in women’s clothes. Set in the 1920’s amid prohibition confirmed bachelors played by Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis witness a murder mirroring that of the saint valentines day massacre and must go on the run.   Musicians, they try to pass as women so they can escape to Florida with an all girl bad. On the train is Marilyn Monroe as Sugar Kane a sweet a beautiful singer who has a weakness for sax players. After arriving in Florida Jerry/Daphne played by Lemmon is pursued by  Osgood a flirty rich older man played by Joe. E Brown. Joe/Josephine played by Curtis try’s to seduce Sugar by dressing up as a heir to shell oil and putting on his perfect Cary Grant voice. He pretends to be impudent and uses Osgood’s boat . Today its hard to see this film as ground breaking but it was. It was also funny as hell with many memorable lines and scenes. The last scene takes the cake. Jerry confesses to Osgood that he is indeed a man to which he replies “Nobody’s perfect.” It make me wonder, Where did they end up?


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