Criminal Minds an Ode to Horror

Criminal Minds April 2, 2014 episode was an ode to horror films straight from the start when it zeroed in on the moon followed by a girl running through the woods screaming. My dad commented “Looks like a werewolf film” and it went from there. Directed by Matthew Gray Gubler and guest staring The Fog’s Adrienne Barbeau and Saw’s Tobin Bell Criminal Minds Blood Relations made my skin tingle. Set in The Appalachians of West Virginia this episode focused on a long standing family feud and the death of several members of one family. The gruesome deaths and the appearance of the unsub as they call it resembled The Hills Have Eyes. I can’t go into further detail without giving too much away. If you love horror and you are a fan of TV, watch Criminal Minds season 9 episode Blood Relations. It’s cringe worthy. 

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