Five pet peeves of a film buff

These are just a few of my personal pet peeves. A few I know are common among friends of mine that are fellow film fans. If you would like to add any of your own please feel free to comment.

1) People who use the excuse “But its in black and white.” It shouldn’t matter if the film is in black and white that isn’t what makes the film good or bad.

2) Hearing people refer to a film as old in a negative context. Not every body that I know are huge film fans and there are few that don’t like “Older films.” But it still bothers me when people call a film old like its a bad thing.

3) An unwarranted remake. There are a few good remakes out there but that doesn’t mean its a good idea to make them all the time. Today I am almost afraid that Hollywood is going to remake so many of my favorite films.

4) Continues re-adaptations. I admit that there are films I like and love that are among the more recent adaptations of certain books. My problem comes from the same set of issues I have with constant remakes. Where is the imagination?

5) The film snobs that make us look bad. When you tell someone you are a film buff some people might jump to the conclusion that you are a snob and there are people who warrant that. However that is a stereotype with in the film loving community and I would like to say that I am not that. If someone has not seen a film I am not going to freak out on them. I also realize that some of the films that I like are acquired tastes. They are not for everyone.

Thanks for reading my post. I what all my followers to know that I appreciate them. If you like this post give it a thumbs up. If you have anything to add comment below and if you came upon this post and it was part of your decision to follow me let me know. I am still finding my stride and plan on doing more posts like this is the future. My top five, my top ten etc.

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