A Royal Affair

Starring Mads Mikkelsen as the real life Johann Struensee. A Royal Affair is based on a true story set in the 18th century. Centered around the affair between Royal physician Struensee and Caroline Matilda of Great Britain the wife of the mentally ill King Christian VII of Denmark. What first drew me to this film was Mads Mikkelsen. I am a Hannibal fan after all. I also find period pieces beautiful and intriguing.  There are several period pieces that depend far too heavily on the clothes and make you all too aware of the setting. A Royal Affair however goes in the opposite  direction, I almost forget I am watching a film set several years in the past. I find myself relating to the characters. Especially that of Caroline, an open minded young women. Though some may see the King as a villain he is not. In my eyes he is very much a victim. As I watched the film I began to feel sorry for the king. The way he often treated Caroline was appalling and he could easily be seen as nothing more than a spoiled brat but that is not the case here. There was a part of me that could identify with his character. This show me that a great deal of the success of this film was the way they handled this character. Instead of being a caricature he was represented as a human being suffering from a mental illness. If you are a fan of period pieces I recommend A Royal Affair.

Note: This film is Danish.

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