Five of our favorite canine film stars.

There is no rule that says you have to walk on two legs and have disposable thumbs to be a film star and these lovable animals prove it.

1) Rin a Tin Tin.
Probably the most famous rescue. Rinty was rescued on a WW1 battlefield. Trained by his owner he began to receive silent film work. His popularity reviled that of his human peers. Rin a Tin Tin was responsible for the rising popularity of German Shepherd’s. Though there where several dogs related to the original and bearing his name that came after. There was only one true Rin a Tin Tin and he passed away in 1932. Its incredible to think that a dog helped make Warner Brothers but the end of the day is it really all that surprising.

2) Strongheart
A fellow German Shepherd, Strongheart paved the way for Rin a Tin Tin. He was a silent film star who began his career as a German police dog. Strongheart was among the first canine stars and encourged the increasing popularity of German Shepherds as family pets. He appeared in the 1925 adaptation of White Fang.

3)Jean, the Vitagraph Dog
Though she was not the first Canine star world wide she was the first in the united states and was the first to have her name appear in the title. Trained by the same owners responsible for Strongheart, Jean was a border collie and sadly the majority of her films are lost with the exception of one.

4) Pete the pup.
A member of Our Gang, Pete the pup was and still is the most famous pit bull. After appearing in Buster Brown where he required his famous circle around the eye. Pal was recruited to appear in the our gang shorts. After he was poisoned in 1930 he was replaced by Luchenay Peter. Though several dogs where used he was the best known.

5) Lassie
Today Lassie is probably the most known and remembered Canine star. Played by several dogs over several years in film and TV. Lassie is a Long Haired Collie. Lassie began in 1943 with the adaptation of Lassie Come Home. The original Lassie was played by a dog named pal. Pal’s decedents continue to play the famous canine to the present day.

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