Top Five Hitchcock Edition: Five favorite Hitchcock Cameos

HitchcockCameoToCatchAThief5) Psycho
Psycho was the first Hitchcock film that I had the pleasure of seeing. I watched it on television and instantly fell in love with the film, its cast and the master mind behind the movie. Psycho is easily his most recognizable film among modern day film audiences. Made in 1960 Psycho was adapted from a book by Robert Bloch. Alfred Hitchcock’s meticulous planing was the reason behind audiences ignorance at the film plot even though the book was published a year prior to the film. There is no way this could happen today. Alfred Hitchcock’s appearance in psycho was at the 0.06.39 mark. He is seen outside of Crane’s work as she enters wearing a cowboy hat.

4) Rear Window
Starring Grace Kelly in her second picture with Hitchcock and James Stewart in one of his many collaborations with the director. For some Hitchcock’s appearance in this film might be hard to spot but once you know you know. While Jimmy Stewart peers out the window at his neighbors he looks into the songwriter played by Ross Bagdasarian known for Alvin and the Chipmunks. While staring into his apartment he sees Bagdasarian on the piano as Hitchcock stands behind him fixing a clock. It is widely believed by some that Hitchcock broke the first wall in this one. A thought that never occurred to me. We he turns to talk to the songwriter he is suppose to be looking at the audience but Bagdasarian however responds to Hitchcock. I did not see his cameo in this film the first time I sat down to watch it. At one point in one of my viewings of this film I saw what I thought was him but I left uncertain so thanks to the internet I was able to assure myself that, that was indeed him across the courtyard. He appears 25 minutes into the film.

3)Strangers on a Train

I do have an obsession with this film. It is constantly vying with Shadow of a Doubt for the top space on my favorite film list. Appearing ten minutes into the film Hitchcock is carrying a Double Bass as he passes Farley Granger as he exits the train. Whats great about this cameo is Hitchcock’s appearance with the Double Bass contributes to the theme of doubles.

2) To Catch a Thief

Alfred Hitchcock appeared at the 0:09:40 mark in what I think is the funniest of all his Cameos. It what is arguably the hardest to miss cameo you may end up laughing out loud at this one.

1) Lifeboat

Easily his most cleaver appearance in a film  Hitchcock At the 0:25 mark Hitchcock appears in a before and after add in a news paper article. A group of survivors of a torpedoed ship find themselves in the same boat with one of the men who sunk it. Little known by modern day audiences, Hitchcock’s Lifeboat is a unique thrill ride for the director. Written by John Steinbeck at Hitchcock’s request the minimalist set adds to the suspense.

There you have it. My Five Favorite Hitchcock Cameos. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this post. If you like what you see don’t forget to like and follow. What are some of you favorite cameos? 

Copyright holder for image : Paramount Pictures.

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