The Longest Working Man in Show Business

Mickey Rooney with Judy Garland, Ann Rutherford and Lana Turner
Mickey Rooney with Judy Garland, Ann Rutherford and Lana Turner

At 93 Mickey Rooney passed away of natural causes on April 6. He was working on Night at the Museum 3  and Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at the time of his death. Mickey Rooney’s work in show business began  in vaudeville at the age of 17 months along side his parents. He ventured into Hollywood at the age of six in the silent short Not to Be Trusted in 1926. The following year he would star in his first Mickey McGuire short where he would acquire his stage name. During his time as Andy Hardy beginning with A Family Affair in 1937 11 years of his debut Mickey Rooney would become one of the most popular stars of the era. Andy Hardy would appear in 20 films through the 1930’s and 1940’s.  When Mickey began working with Judy Garland in 1939 they became one of the greatest onscreen teams.  In 1944 he would join child star Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet. After going in the armed forces for a year Mickey returned to Hollywood. This was a difficult time for him.  There was no longer a demand for the 5’2 boy next door. Rooney continued to work however and in 1961 he would take a role he would later regret when he co-stared as Audrey Hepburn’s next door neighbor in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Even though he wasn’t the same star he was in the 40’s he still endured. Rooney worked on stage, film and television through out his career. He worked until the day he died. He spent nearly his whole life in show business. Regardless of the decade Mickey Rooney’s work endured.

Thank you Mickey Rooney.

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