Ten Film Recommendations

1. The Court Jester

Released in 1956 The Court Jester covers several genres. It’s a musical-comedy period piece with adventure and a tad bit of mystery thrown in. A young Angela Lansbury appears as the Princess. It stars Danny Kaye in the main role.

2. Strangers on Train

Often mentioned as a inspiration to criminals in crime shows and mysteries Strangers on a Train is one of Hitchcock’s best. Starring Farley Granger as Guy and Robert Walker as Bruno. Strangers gave us a sympathetic villain.

3. Sullivan’s Travels

Directed by Preston Sturgess, starring Veronica Lake and Joel McCrea Sullivan’s Travels is the story many of us can relate to in our own way. McCrea’s character is a Hollywood comedy director who wants desperately to try his hand in drama but the studio refuses. He goes out on the streets for inspiration where he meets lakes character. Haven’t you ever wanted to try something new and have people mock you for it?

4. Leave Her To Heaven

Based on a novel of the same name Leave Her To Heaven stars Gene Teirney in the main role. It also stars Cornel Wilde, Jeanne Crain and a pre-horror Vincent Price. It revolves around a young women’s obsessive love and jealousy that causes her to commit several crimes.

5. The Third Man

Stars Joseph Cotton and Orson Welles.  You will come across this film on a series of Greatest film lists and they would all be right. The Third Man is an intense thriller, its a mystery and a Film Noir full of shady characters. You won’t know who to trust. I mentioned this film on my greatest film entrances of all time.

6. The Apartment

A Billy Wilder classic staring the every man himself Jack Lemmon with Shirley MacLaine and Fred MacMurray. The Apartment is a drama with comedic elements that taps into our everyday life and what we do to get ahead.

7. Sabrina

A classic among romantic films Sabrina was remade in the 1990’s and is adapted from the play Sabrina’s Fair. Sabrina stars Audrey Hepburn in the title role opposite William Holden and Humphrey Bogart who play brothers. It’s a romantic for those who aren’t always into them.

8. Algiers

You may find your self looking at the screen with a rather funny expression wondering “Where have heard that voice before?” Thats because if you know Pepe Le Pew you know Charles Boyer as Pepe Le Moco in Algiers a remake of the French film Pepe Le Moco. The film also stars Hedy Lamarr. Algiers inspired the more popular film Casablanca.

9. Annie Hall

A romance film with a neurotic and awkward atmosphere like only Woody Allen could do.

10. A Patch of Blue

If you haven’t heard of this film I am not surprised. I came across this film for the first time when I was reading about Sidney Poitier it was only a coincidence that a few days later I would be watching the film on TCM. A Patch of Blue hits you where it hurts. A young women lives with her grandfather and prostitute mother played by Shelley Winters who won an  Oscar for best supporting actress for her role. The young women is left blind by an accident during one of her mothers liaisons and is also believed to have been raped by one of her mother clients.  While sitting in the park one day she  meets an African- American doctor played by Sidney Poitier. Soon a beautiful friendship is born and both their lives are changed for the better.

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