You’re Next

You’re Next is an American independent slasher film and home invasion thriller initially released in 2011. The film centers around a family after they reunite at their vacation home to celebrate their parents anniversary. They are soon the victims to what seem like a random attack by three unknown assailants. Unbeknownst to the family and their attackers Crispian’s girlfriend has a lot of skill when it comes to protecting herself and others. She soon takes charge and begins to beat the attackers at there own game.

You're Next 001You're Next 002

I first heard of this film while listening to my pandora station. I was not intrigues because I thought “Wow another one, really?” Then something inside changed. I wanted to see it. So I downloaded it, watching it and fell in love with it. You’re Next is not the self-aware films that made Scream popular but there are several moments you may find yourself laughing. The family angst makes this film even more enjoyable. The solution isn’t the most obvious but if you often watch horror films, mysteries or crime drama’s you will find yourself asking all the right questions.

You're Next 003You're Next 004You're Next 005

I recently purchased the Blue-Ray+DVD+Digital HD copy from Target. I found it on sale and couldn’t resist. It was apart of my first ever haul video.

Special Features

  • The Making of You’re Next
  • Audio Commentary
  • Theatrical Trailer

You're Next 006

Blue-Ray Features
Blue-Ray Features

I enjoyed watching The Making of You’re Next. It included interviews with the cast and crew and showed several behind the scene moments. I enjoyed seeing the way effects where done. I wish the segment was longer and had more detail. I know however that this is an independent film so I will give them some leeway for that.

I recommend You’re Next and the edition I mentioned above. You can find the link to the exact copy on my side bar. Please feel free to comment and check out my haul.

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