November Star of the Month: Lauren Bacall

Opp’s! Is it already December? I want to apologize for dropping the ball on this one. I was working on this one for awhile. Coming back and fourth. I allowed the last week to get away from me.  I’ll blame it on the stress of the holidays. I know that I have missed a few months but I want to get back on the horse and continue with my stars of the month, so here we go.

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Lauren Bacall is our November star of the month. She passed away on September 16 of this year at the age of 89. Death wasn’t going to take this fire cracker early. What do you think of when you hear the name Lauren Bacall? What movie does your mind usually venture to? If you’re a fan of Marilyn Monroe I am guessing How to Marry a Millionaire but if you are fan of the actress herself I am going to take a wild guess and say her early work with husband Humphrey Bogart. Did you know they met when she was 19 on the set of To Have and Have Not? This is where they fell in love.

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Bacall is just as known for her outspoken personality as she is for her performances. A strong and brave women mirroring the characters she played. Born Betty Joan Perske on September 16, 1924 in New York City. She died Aug 12, 2014 a little over a month from her 90 birthday. She is one of the four inspirations for Jessica Rabbit (Are you surprised?) along with Veronica Lake, Julie London and Rita Hayworth. Just look at that stare.

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Lauren referred to as Betty by close friends through her life was 18 when she graced the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. This led to her first film role when she was discovered by Howard Hawks. He dismissed her at first due to her voice. She left his office to return two weeks later with the lower pitch she is now famous for. He cast her in To Have and Have Not.

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Winner of a two Tony Awards. One for her role as Margo Channing in the Broadway production of Applause. Applause is a musical adaptation of All About Eve. Her second was for her role in Woman of the Year based on the film of the same name. In her career she never won an Academy Award, though she was nominated once for her role in The Mirror Has Two Faces in 1996. Lauren Bacall had an open mind that I believe contributed to her roles as the sultry characters she played along side husband Humphrey Bogart. She wasn’t afraid to speak up and talk openly about what she believed in. Bacall left behind a legacy with as many layers as the characters she’s played.

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