By the Lake and my official website.

Hello Everyone. Thanks for being patient with me. I want to keep this blog going as I love discussing films and sharing bits of my collection with you. I will continue but I may go long periods of time without posting. I do hope you still enjoying following Worldaccordingtofilm and decide to stick around. I am working on managing my time better. Bear with me.

As you know from a post I made recently that my debut novel By the Lake would be coming out. I am happy to say that it is now available on amazon. I will post a link below. It is currently being formatted for Kindle and will be available in that format soon.

I recently started an official website There was a site when I started that was (weird) so that is why I added the Official. There I post news, updates, lifestyle posts, and a verity of things. If you are interested please feel free to check it out and follow.

By the Lake  currently available on amazon for $17.84.


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