Netflix Pick of the Week: School of Rock

School of Rock 2003
School of Rock 2003

Director: Richard Linklater

Writer: Nick White

Starring: Jack Black and Joan Cusack

I decided to travel back a time and talk about a film I remember seeing in theaters as a teenager. At thirteen I watched Richard Linklater’s School of Rock starring Jack Black. Linklater is now best known for his critically acclaimed film Boyhood. The film received critical acclaim upon its release and did well at the box office. 2015 marks the year School of Rock is adapted for Broadway and Nickelodeon TV show is to come next.

School of Rock is a coming of age journey for its main character played by Jack Black. A man in his thirties, Dewey Finn is a struggling musician that must get a job to pay off his rent. After being dropped from his band Finn takes a substitute job from his friend without his knowledge. The private school is full of kids being more of an adult then Dewey himself. After discovering their talents as singers and musicians he decides to start a band with his forth grade students.

As the story progresses Finn begins to bond with the class as well as up tight principle Roz played by Joan Cusack.  With this bond Dewey and the supporting characters begin to exude a confidence they never had before. After his ruse is discovered by his friend, his girlfriend calls the police and he is discovered. The parents are understandably upset but that doesn’t stop the kids from wanting to move forward with their plan. The kids leave school and find Dewey at home. They head off to the Battle of the Bands for an epic concert that trills the audience including the initially unaware parents.

School of Rock is fun family fair. For those of you who are my age and remember seeing this film when it first came out share it will your kids or your young loved ones. It is just as fun as it was eleven years ago when it premiered in 2003. Nineties kids feel old yet? Now available on Netflix School of Rock is gearing up for a comeback with a Broadway production and a series.

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