Why You Should Follow Worldaccordingtofilm

Worldaccordingtofilm is a blog dedicated to all things movie related. From directors to actors learn things you never new and receive recommendations. Founded by mystery author Ainsley Peace in 2013, Worldaccordingtofilm began as a passion project and has developed into something more. Wanting to share her love of film Ainsley has found new ways to celebrate and encourage you to fall in love with it as well.

Harold and Maude 1971
Harold and Maude 1971

Netflix Pick of the Week 

Unsure what to watch next on Netflix? No problem, Worldaccordingtofilm has a weekly post where a film from Netflix is chosen and reviewed.For Example: Netflix Pick of the Week: Harold and Maude 

Joseph Cotton
Joseph Cotton

Star of the Month 

Want to know more about an actor you saw in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Hud? Star of the Month offers a mini biography of your new favorite actor. We recommend our favorite films from the actor or actress and tell you what else you probably know them from. For Example: June Star of the Month: Joseph Cotton

Psycho 1960 Adapted from a novel of the same name.
Psycho 1960 Adapted from a novel of the same name.

Top Five 

Haven’t had enough of lists? I’m glad to her it because we have our fair share at Worldaccordingtofilm. A specific genre, or topic is chosen and a list is made. There are small reviews attached to the list and information. For example: Five Favorite Film Entrances 

With Robert Walker in Strangers on a Train
With Robert Walker in Strangers on a Train

Top Five Hitchcock Edition 

Same as above but strictly dedicated to the master himself. Hitchcock Edition chooses a Hitchcock related topic and creates a list of top five favorites. Five Favorite Cameos 

Broken Blossoms
Broken Blossoms

10 Films, 10 Decades 

Pick a genre and then pick a film from each decade beginning in the teens up to the 2010’s. A great place to find out what horror films you have never heard or what romance film you might find interesting, 10 Films, 10 Decades gives you a list of reviews and information. 10 Decades, 10 Films: Horror

If you decide to check out Worldaccordingtofilm I hope you decide to stick around and follow. I like to think of this blog as an amazing community where I can share my love of film. I would love to hear from you. Email me or comment in posts. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope you enjoy your time on Worldaccordingtofilm.

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