Nosferatu: My first horror experience.

Nosferatu is a 1922 German silent horror film and is an unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stokers Dracula. Unable to obtain the rights names were changed. Nosferatu (Vampire) and Count Orlock (Count Dracula). Heirs of Bram Stokers sued and the court ordered all copies to be destroyed. All except one survived. Today it is regarded as a masterpiece and is a classic of the horror genre. It pains me to think that this film could have easily been lost forever had it not been for that one surviving copy.   This film gave me my first experience of fear in memory. I was seven years old when I walked out into the living room. My dad was on the phone so I was alone. The TV was already on and the scene played out on the screen in front of me. Count Orlock played by Max Schreck rose from his coffin and his shadow was on the wall as he walked up the stairs. This is highly regarded as the most iconic scene from the film. I stood there in shock before I ran to my parents room and hid under the covers. I can not remember anything after that but that image of him rising and walking up the stairs is burned in my brain. There has been no film since that has affected me in suck away. If you haven’t scene it I highly recommend it. If you are a horror fan, silent film fan or you are interested in directing it is defiantly the film for you.

Unexpected Scare

Have you ever watched a movie not expecting to be scared only to come away with an uneasy feeling. I remember the first time I saw The Descent I found myself shaking. My adrenaline was rushing and I couldn’t go to bed. I was uncomfortable the first time I watched it because I am a little claustrophobic. Seeing those young women in long small pathways underground made me tense up. Then there was the first time I watched The Birds. I picked up a cup of tea and I could not hold it study. Something about that film got under my skin. I guess it was the fact that birds are everywhere and you don’t know what they are thinking. In large swarms they are capable of a lot more than we give them credit for. Alfred Hitchcock was a master at making things that aren’t naturally scary, terrifying.  are some of my favorite movies. The ones that give a unexpected feeling. The ones that terrify and excite you.

Blue is the Warmest Color

Blue is the Warmest Color ( le blew est une couleur chaude) aka La Vie D’Adele is a french film and winner of the coveted Palme d’Or. With much praise La vie D’Adele has also come with much criticism. The long and graphic sex scenes in the film have been compared to porn by Julie Maroh the writer of the Graphic Novel Blue Angel from which it was adapted.  The actors Lea Seydoux and Adele Exarchopoulos  have discussed their difficulties onset with director Abdellatif Kechinche. Including the amount of takes for certain scenes. Kechinche has turned the tables on the actors and talked about them in a rather unflattering light. With happiness has come bitterness behind the scenes of one of this years most anticipated films. Regardless of this I am still very excited to see this film. I can imagine myself being uncomfortable during the ten minute love scene however I can only judge a film as a whole. Blue is the Warmest Color is on my to watch list and I can’t wait till I can sit down with a bowl of pop corn, a beverage and watch,

October! The month for the Horror fan.

October is fast approaching and you know what that means. Spooky music, decorations, parties, costumes and candy. Wait I forgot the most important one of them all. Please forgive me. We can’t leave out my favorite holiday Halloween. October is my favorite month for many reasons. I love hearing the theme from some of my favorite movies play and I love have an excuse to my several bags of candy. I digress. October is the month you will find that some of your favorite films will be easier to find. Your favorite  characters will be on display and the music you love. The themes from your favorite music will play. Will Norman Bate be behind the shower curtain with a kitchen knife? Is Michael Myers stalking the streets? Is that creepy doll really more than it seems? For those of us you reveal in the supernatural. For those of us who love to laugh at ridicules death scenes and for those of us who just love to be scared. October is the month for us. 

This month I will dip in to my collection, I will shop for those favorites I don’t currently own and I will scavenger through the internet (Netflix, Hulu.) to see if I can find some of the classics and those films I have always wanted to see but never got the chance to. I will pop some popcorn, choose a beverage of my liking and cuddle up beneath the covers to watch a machete wielding Jason stalk the woods at Camp Crystal lake. October is for us. Lets enjoy it.