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Supernatural Sunday: The Uninvited

MV5BNWI2ZjljOTItZmEwNi00NjRjLWJhMWItYTkyOTNlMmI5OWFkXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjUxODE0MDY@._V1_Often seen as a precursor to the modern horror/slasher film, Psycho is one of Hitchcock’s most known films among modern audiences. Shot in black and white after Hitchcock already used color and technicolor in previous films, Hitchcock made a deliberate choice that added to the atmosphere of the film. Most famous for the character of Norman Bates and the infamous shower scene, Psycho is has laid the ground work for many writers and directors in the suspense and horror genre.

After stealing money from her bosses client, Secretary Marion Craine runs off with the money. After ditching her old car in favor of her new one, Marion stops at The Bates Motel during a stormy night. This would be her biggest mistake. After her disappearance, Marion’s sister searches for her with the help of her sisters lover Sam Loomis and Private Detective Milton Arbogast.


Using a television crew and a small budget, Psycho was a big departure from his previous film North by Northwest. Hitchcock’s willingness to take risks and try new and exciting things aided him in a long and successful career that spanned six decades. Beginning in the his career in Britain during the silent film era, Hitchcock made five silent films. In the thirties he would make one musical and one of his best and better know British films The Man Who Knew Too Much. After his move to the US, Hitchcock found greater success with his films like Rebecca, his first film in America and Shadow of a Doubt in Film Noir style. The Fifties would become his peak years with films like Rear Window and Vertigo that are often cited as his best films. His first film in the sixties was Psycho and you can tell that Hitchcock can’t do the same thing over and over. His peak years that came in the decade prior all had a different flair and that would be the same for his films in the sixties.

Receiving mixed reviews upon its initial release, box office sales changed things for Psycho and it has grown into a classic film often scene as a top movie for Hitchcock. Adapted from the novel of the same name, Hitchcock got as many copies as he could not to spoil the ending something impossible today.



Netflix Pick of the Week: Love Story

Love Story 1970
Love Story 1970

Director: Arthur Hiller

Starring: Ali MacGraw, Ryan O’Neal and Ray Milland

Genre: Romantic Comedy Drama

Spoiler Alert!

If I had a list of movies I never thought I would ever enjoy then Love Story would be at the top of that list. Films in the category of Love Story tend to be guilty pleasures for me. I watch them only ever so often and I am very picky with the ones I like. My first official night or was it my second, was spent on the couch. I was scrolling through Netflix and nothing caught my eye. Then there it was, Love Story. I decided to give it a watch, after all I spent enough time raging on it over the years I should at least give it a shot. I started it, popped me some popcorn and got cozy on the couch. I was pleased with its sense of humor and enjoyed the female lead played by Ali MacGraw. I heard through the trivia area on IMDB that some people were not found of the language. I was surprised to find that out because the part that I didn’t like was the infamous line, spoken twice in the film. Other than that I was quite pleased with what I saw.

Ali MacGraw’s, Jennifer Cavalleir is a working class girl, a polar opposite to her billionaire heir boyfriend Oliver Barrett IV played by Ryan O’Neal. The roman numerals should give that away. Her dirty mouth and lovable insults made me love her. After all this was the seventies and even though women were making leaps and bounds it was still hard to find women who talked like a sailor. I enjoyed the relationship between Jennifer and Oliver. The working class girl and the preppy as she often called him. Tommy Lee Jones makes his feature debut in Love Story and Screen Legend Ray Milland plays Oliver Barrett 111.

Now we know where this one is going. After an hour of laughs we can’t expect to stay happy forever. I mean they have been through so much and have came out on top how could they possibly stay happy? Well you won’t be disappointed if you expected a sad ending. Jennifer dies of leukemia and with this comes the line that makes we around to pull out my tongue “Love means never having to say your sorry.” Yes it does. It means having to say you are sorry and sorry again. I think I get where they were going with the line it just didn’t sound like that to me. Maybe I am wrong but other than that line I was very pleased with the characters and the story line.