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TV Tuesday: Zoo

Post written by Ainsley Peace

Loosely based on the novel by James Patterson, Zoo was quite the surprise when I decided to watch it. I am glad that I finally jumped on it as there are many aspects of this show that play into our very real fears. It makes us question our place on the food chain and puts at the very bottom as animals begin to attack humans. The investigations bring’s together five very different individuals, tour guides Abraham Kenyatta and Jackson Oz, French Intelligence Officer Chloe Tousignant, Veterinary Pathologist Mitch Morgan and Journalist Jamie Campbell. Caught up in the investigations the team leads their old lives behind and realize that even when fighting the animals, humans really are the worlds worst predators.

There has been a lot of growth in the series and not all of it has been beneficial. It is normal to lose characters early on and new ones to be added. The changes that occurred in the second season may have changed things up quite a bit the added characters gave the show something more as the story developed and the problem grew larger. Now the show is in its third season complete with time jump and major character development it appears that the story may have take far too many sharp turns. What I loved about the first season with the viability and honesty that came with it. It was an adventure and the characters were relatable but still gave us someone to live through. I was enthralled with the story but as I went into season three I realized that so much about what made seasons one and two enjoyable are missing.

While I wouldn’t be so quick to recommend the series were it is now I would gladly send someone over to Netflix to watch the first two seasons. Two strong, independent female leads who don’t sacrifice their femininity for strength stands out. Friendships and a growing familia bond that is embraced over the course of the first two seasons adds to the heartbreak that comes with fighting the war on humans, a war that many of the audience members probably understand.

Zoo may take the story to extremes but as you watch this show you will probably embrace some of those fears we once thought as irrational while nodding along to the fears that are all too real on a daily basis. We are often told not to be afraid of animals because they are more afraid of us. Now I am beginning to think that is part of the problem.

TV Tuesday: Wynonna Earp

Watch season two Fridays at 10 pm on Syfy

Syfy original series Wynonna Earp follows Wyatt Earp’s heir as she takes on the Earp curse. Now twenty-seven, Wynona must wield Wyatt’s Colt to shoot revenants (returned out-laws shot by him) while dealing with the town of Purgatory’s judgement.

Created by the Show Runner of Lost Girl, you can be sure that this show has a lot to offer. The age the Earp curse begins, Wynonna has returned home after many years away. She is on her way back for a funeral when her bus has a malfunction and a woman dies. She returns home on foot and soon becomes partners with a US Marshall who is a member of the black badge division. Now in possession of her great-great grandfathers Colt, Wynonna is able to kill demons by shooting them between the eyes and she is the only one that can wield the weapon.

Airing on Space in Canada and Syfy in the US, Wynonna Earp has carved out a little cult following for itself. Holding a huge following in the LGBTA community, Earp’s healthiest couple is  a bisexual and lesbian woman. The main female is a strong, complex woman with a difficult past and a wild life. Going into its second season, Wynonna has an even more diverse cast. The show has proved itself worthy of a following as it continues to listen to its audience and maintains a strict rule that woman are always badass, even when they show weakness.

For the fans of Supergirl who have promised to boycott the show after a reckless display of ignorance during Comic-Con, you have a new show you can jump to and trust. There is a hilarious cast of people that support and love the community that loves them. The stories are cheesy at times but it remains true to itself, laughs at itself and doesn’t take itself too seriously.. Wynonna Earp is a show for Syfy lovers, strong woman lovers and people who want to be supported.

Thanks to google I was able to do a little research that looked further into female representation on the small screen and female viewership. Over the past five years a lot has changed. There are more female centric shows on then ever and female viewership continues to grow. Women watch about four minutes more TV a day than men but their representation has been the decision of groups of mostly white males gathering in a conference room. Luckily we have those that have our backs, women who don’t take no for an answer and many ways to prove how much we really need something.

Via Comic-Con we found out that this feminist, female centered, LGBTQ representing, Sci-fi Drama was renewed for a third season. Ten years ago I may have been surprised that this show made it past the first season and in 2017 I am glad to say that I am not. Wynonna Earp deserves at least two more years under its belt for the many things that it offers its audience and that includes a safe space to spend a Friday night.

Watch season one on Netflix. Season two airs Fridays on Syfy. Wynonna Earp has been renewed for a third season.


Criminal Minds an Ode to Horror

Criminal Minds April 2, 2014 episode was an ode to horror films straight from the start when it zeroed in on the moon followed by a girl running through the woods screaming. My dad commented “Looks like a werewolf film” and it went from there. Directed by Matthew Gray Gubler and guest staring The Fog’s Adrienne Barbeau and Saw’s Tobin Bell Criminal Minds Blood Relations made my skin tingle. Set in The Appalachians of West Virginia this episode focused on a long standing family feud and the death of several members of one family. The gruesome deaths and the appearance of the unsub as they call it resembled The Hills Have Eyes. I can’t go into further detail without giving too much away. If you love horror and you are a fan of TV, watch Criminal Minds season 9 episode Blood Relations. It’s cringe worthy. 

Saying Goodbye.

We have said goodbye to several Hollywood greats since my last post. Some graced TV screens as believed father figures and others became chameleon’s impressing us with their range. Peter O’Toole ( Aug 2, 1932-Dec 14, 2013) was an Irish born stage and screen actor best known for his leading role in Lawrence of Arabia. Joan Fontaine (Oct 22, 1917-Dec 15, 2013) was an actress and at the time of her death was one of the last living actresses of Hollywood’s golden age. The other being her estranged sister Olivia de Havilland. Known for her roles in two Alfred Hitchcock films Rebecca and Suspicion. Nominated for both, winning for Suspicion. She became the only actor to win an Academy Award for a Hitchcock film. Russell Johnson (Nov 10, 1924-Jan 16, 2014) was an American actor best known for his role as the Professor in Gillgan’s Island. Shirley Temple ( April 23, 1928- Feb 10, 2014) was an American actress and former child actress. Her adorable rosy cheeks and curly hair landed her a legion of fans the crossed several generations. Her dance numbers along side some of the best in the business continues to impress young audiences to this day.  Others who have passed away include television patriarch Ralph Waite best known for his work on The Waltons. Legendary comedian Sid Ceasar and celebrated actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman died at 46 of a heroin overdose. Known for his impeccable resume. Hoffman was never pigeon holed. He instead went on to portray several different characters of different backgrounds and personalities. Some have likened him to a modern day Spencer Tracey.