Netflix Pick of the Week: It Follows

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It Follows Poster

Directed by David Robert Mitchell and staring Maika Monroe, It Follows is one of the best horror films of the last ten years. Set in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, It Follows tells the story of an unknown entity that haunts its victims. It only leaves them alone once they pass it on through a sexual act. Not a metaphor for a STD, It Follows can be what you want it to be and what it is, is unsettling.

One of the things that makes this post 2000s horror film so great is that we don’t know exactly what It is or what its motives are. More often than not the more recent films in the genre tend to give us a little too much detail, letting go of the mystery. Sometimes the best horror is the unknown and if you can keep that, you’ve got a better chance at getting under someones skin.

Set in a Michigan suburb the timeless nature of this film prevents it from being dated. A lack of cell phones, old cars and TVs and a reading device that doesn’t exist make us question what period the film is set. No modern conveniences in sight add to the spooky atmosphere. Wearing its inspirations on its sleeve, It Follows will satisfy film fans and you may even recognize a few scenes that mirror other movies. John Carpenter was obviously a big influence on the film, right down to the killer score. The suspenseful nature of this film alludes to Hitchcock and several scenes also mirror even older films like the original Cat People.

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Maika Monroa in It Follows

Many Directors of the horror genre should take note and enjoy the subtleties that bring this world to life. It Follows stands out for what it doesn’t tell and show us. If you haven’t taken the time to watch this film in the past couple of years do yourself a favor and watch it now. This is one every fan should have on their shelf or in their queue